Our Story

Hi, I’m Jess.  Nice to meet you.  😃

The idea for building a centralized resource for parents in Nelson was conceived shortly after our family moved to this beautiful city a couple of years ago.

about nelson kids
That's us, soon after we landed in Nelson!

We found it a bit challenging to navigate the web to find opportunities for families in Nelson, especially for kids’ resources and activities. Meanwhile, we discovered many great events only through word-of-mouth from other moms and dads in the community. 

We realized we could help other families by bringing together opportunities we found online with the tips from awesome locals “in the know”, into one comprehensive and easy-to-navigate resource.

In general, we’ve found Nelson to be a super welcoming community, and Nelson Kids is our way of saying THANK YOU to all the amazing families here that have helped make the process of putting down roots a very positive experience.

I hope that you find the content on our website, Facebook Page and our newsletter helpful when looking for things for your kids in this wonderful, weird and beautiful community.

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