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Fireflies (4-6 yrs)

Led by Tyler Isaacs-Dejong, Fireflies is the youngest group in our choir family and encourages singing for 4 – 6 year olds in a fun, supportive environment together with a parent, adult family member or other adult care-giver.

SongCore (7-9 yrs)

Directed by Kathleen Neudorf, SongCore is an un-auditioned group that provides an introduction to choir singing (including basic part-singing using rounds and partner songs) with a focus on cooperative and supportive behaviours to achieve a common musical goal.

VoixVive (10-12 yrs)

Directed by Allison Girvan. In this un-auditioned group, the focus will be on part-singing, vocal production, ear-training and movement. Singers will develop a sense of trust, respect and community as well as explore how singing plays a role in social justice using as vehicle songs in many languages from many cultures.

Solstice (13+ yrs)

Directed by Allison Girvan. The focus of this group will be music that will challenge the singers and provide a forum for musical and social growth. Time will be made for exploration of a variety of languages and discussion of the cultures from which the music originates as well as basic sight- reading and rhythm development. Older singers will supply mentorship to younger and the group will strive to create an open and consistent dialogue to facilitate the transition to young adult voices.

Corazón Vocal Ensemble (15+ yrs)

An auditioned group directed by Allison Girvan. True to their name, Corazón sings from the heart and has in turn won the hearts of many Canadian audiences in the 19 years since it began. This talented and motivated group of young singers from the town of Nelson B.C. has gained a reputation for their world music repertoire and focus on social justice. Corazón’s goal is to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others by experiencing music from many cultures in many languages. Named Nelson’s first official cultural ambassadors in 2009, the ensemble feels that by exploration in rehearsal and presentation in concert we are all, singers and listeners alike, drawn together to embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences.

Lalin (18+)

An auditioned ensemble of young adult singers under the direction of Allison Girvan. The singers also sing with Corazón and participate in Lalin to provide added challenge and opportunity for experienced musicians.