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Kids Are The Boss at This Piercing Studio

September 19, 2018

After lots of conversations and weeks of waiting to make sure it was the right choice, we went to see Sydney Macdonald at Lions Lair Body Piercing in Nelson.

If your kids are thinking of getting their ears pierced, we highly recommend Sydney - not only for her professional, clean studio and safe piercing practices, but also for her amazing rapport with kids.

Welcome to the new era of ear piercing for kids

We asked Sydney to share her thoughts about piercing kids.

"We love our little warriors! Really stoked on how many parents are breaking the taboo of tattoo shops being a no-kid zone. We’re coming out of the dark ages of piercing guns, and moving towards healthy, happy, healing body modifications."

During our appointment, Sydney spoke directly to our daughter the whole time (with a few confirming glances my way), and her presentation was fun, informative, clear and reassuring. She set our little one's mind at ease, and made sure our daughter knew that she was the boss, and was in control of the situation the whole time.  

Beautiful (and safe) jewellery that's perfect for children

Our girl got to pick her first pair of earrings from a big selection of lovely jewellery.  The kids’ jewellery pieces are made of a hypoallergenic silicone-based plastic called Bioplast®, and they’re classified under the PTFE grading of medical grade plastics.

This allows the piercings to be bendable and flexible, so when the kids are healing, their aftercare learning curve doesn't hinder them. No more sharp pain behind the ear from those horrible backings, and a looser fit allows for comfortable, easy healing.  Plus, each earring is custom fit to your kid's ear!

Nervous? Lions Lair Makes the Process Comfortable

First, dots were placed on our girl’s ears to ensure even placement.  Sydney had a cute little way to keep our girl calm and focused while the actual piercing was happening, which included huffing and puffing like a Big Bad Wolf. It literally takes 3 seconds to do each ear, and then the backing is gently screwed on. Afterward, there were smiles and high fives all around, and even a sweet treat from a special drawer.

Ear Piercing Aftercare Rules

There are a few rules and some necessary aftercare to ensure uncomplicated, fast healing. I loved the way Sydney made sure our little one was aware and responsible, but we also know that it will be our job to ensure that we follow the procedures together.

1. Don't touch your ears and new earrings without washing your hands first.
2. Don’t take them out for 4 weeks.
3. "Press Press Spray Spray”:  Clean your ears 2-3 times a day by dabbing your ears with a warm, moist paper towel, and then spray liberally with the solution recommended by the salon.
4. No swimming for 4 weeks, but you can resume bathing/showering right away.

Lions Lair Body Piercing

Lions Lair Body Piercing has 2 locations.  They’re open in Nelson (602 Josephine Street, second floor) on Mondays and Fridays, and in Castlegar on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Hours of operation for both shops are 1:00pm - 6:00pm.

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Jess Phillips is Nelson Kids' founder and "Community Connector". She loves getting to know people and helping where she can. Nelson life has been a great change of pace from the big city and Nelson Kids has been a fantastic change of pace from the frantic days of wedding photography. When not scouring the internet for fun stuff for kids to do in Nelson, Jess spends the rest of her time with her family, cooking, organizing and swooning over home design on Pinterest. She hopes to someday learn the art of quilling in her spare time. LOL - "spare time"

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