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Picking Blueberries at Heron Ridge Estates

August 30, 2018

We recently spent a lovely casual morning at Heron Ridge Estates Winery & U-Pick blueberry farm.

It's a quick little trip on the way to Castlegar, thirty minutes outside of Nelson. You have to be looking out for it off the highway, but once you head down the hill to the picturesque blueberry bushes, you'll know you have arrived!

The berries and the view are both spectacular. The kids had so much fun picking and sampling the delicious berries.

Next time we come, I’ll plan to bring smaller buckets for the kids and use the bigger one for myself. We're also planning to bring a little picnic blanket and snack so we can stay a bit longer 😃

Blueberry wine, anyone?? 🍷

Heron Ridge Estates is a small family-owned-and-operated winery and farm that produces delectable blueberry wine sourced from their own yummy blueberries.

Are you a cheese fan?  You’re in luck!  This wine pairs excellently with creamy cheeses like Havarti, brie, feta, cheese fondue, and mild cheddar. It complements stilton and gorgonzola cheeses as well, where the stronger cheese makes the blueberry flavour pop!

Where is it?

The farm and winery is located at 1682 Thrums Frontage Road, off Highway 3A, outside of Castlegar.

Look out for the heron!

When does it open?

The picking season varies because of weather. Typically you'll be able to visit from early July until the 1st of Sept, give or take a week or two on either end due to hot or cold weather. The hours are usually 8am to 5pm.

What does it cost?

The blueberries that you pick are $3.50/per pound, while their blueberry wine is $25.00 per bottle.  They take cash or cheque.

Jess Phillips is Nelson Kids' founder and "Community Connector". She loves getting to know people and helping where she can. Nelson life has been a great change of pace from the big city and Nelson Kids has been a fantastic change of pace from the frantic days of wedding photography. When not scouring the internet for fun stuff for kids to do in Nelson, Jess spends the rest of her time with her family, cooking, organizing and swooning over home design on Pinterest. She hopes to someday learn the art of quilling in her spare time. LOL - "spare time"

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